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meWho am I?

Well Guido Seevens is my real name and I am a My mates started referring to me as Gweeds a long time ago. I have a wonderfull wife called Julie and we have been married now for We have two lovely children, Jenny aged and Tommy aged I am a qualified electronics service technician, but my knowledge about programming, computers and cars is all self taught. I was born in Roermond in The Netherlands and immigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was nine. Whilst I have seen other parts of the world I have never been back to The Netherlands, but hope to one day return with the kids so they can see where Daddy came from.

Where do I Live?

I live in a suburb called Brooklyn which is located high in the hills above Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Brooklyn is one of Wellington's oldest suburbs and takes its name from the borough in New York City, which in turn recalls the Dutch city Breukelen. Quite ironic being being Dutch myself that I end up living in a suburb named after a town in The Netherlands. Brooklyn even has its own windmill, just like Breukelen, however it is a 225 Kilowatt power generating wind turbine which was put there as an experiment into wind generation in Wellington and it is the oldest commercial wind turbine in New Zealand. As Wellington is known as the Wind capital of New Zealand, we now have a huge 62 turbine wind farm just out of Wellington in Makara with each turbine generating up to 2.3 Megawatts of power.

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What are my Interests?

In my spare time I like to tinker with electronics, computer programming. I love interfacing computers to the "Real World" and am starting to experiment with robotics. Have a look in the electronics section for details of projects so far. I also have a keen interest in performance cars and in the cars section you will find details of two of my previous project cars. I am into mountain biking and go for many rides around Wellington's awesome mountain bike tracks. We have a world class mountain bike park here in Wellington called Makera Peak where I ride often along with the excellent trails out the back of Brooklyn. If I still have time left I like to play around with computer graphics, and like anything that is computer generated/rendered. I also tinker with music and have composed a few tracks.

What Do I do for work?

To pay for all my expensive hobbies I am employed at Ricoh. For those that don't know, Ricoh is one of the worlds largest office equipment providers for print and document solutions. I hold a position of Solutions Analyst there. I have been there for years now and love the team and environment we have. Written off photocopiers are a great source of mechanical and electronic components for my projects. Roboclock, one of my projects you'll find in the electronics section uses quite a few mechanical parts from various copiers.

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